Tutorial for Removing Ads from Java Apps and Games
Tools required: Opera Mini Mod/HEXCODE EDITOR and BlueFTP
1. Open BlueFTP.
2. Go to your _jar file.
3. Rename it to .zip at the end.
4. Open the file.
5. Go to options and select all the files.
6. Go to options and select extract.
7. Press options and make a new folder.
8. Open that folder.
9. Press options and select extract here.
10. Now BlueFTP is extracting files.
11. After extraction is completed, a dialog box will come up.
12. Now press options and click search.
13. Type 'vserv' in the box.
14. Go down and tick unknown files.
15. Press accept.
16. Now BlueFTP is searching for the file.
17. After it is found, press options and select go to item.
18. Press back and remember the path where it is located.
19. Now close BlueFTP. From here either you can continue or switch to the alternative method described in post #17.
20. Open Opera Mini Mod.
21. Go to File Manager.
22. Scroll to the 'vserv' file.
23. Open it in HEX mode.
24. Go to page 2.
25. Go to options and select find/replace.
26. Type '99 00 05 04' in the find box and '9a 00 05 04' in the replace box with the spaces intact. Make sure you check the replace checkbox.
27. Now Opera Mini Mod will replace that binary.
28. Press options and save the file.
29. Close Opera Mini.
30. Open BlueFTP and open the folder.
31. Press options and select all files.
32. Press options and select compress files (jar).
33. Type a name and press ok.
34. The new _jar file is your cracked app.

Follow upto step 19 of the previous method then continue from here. This method is preferable when there are more than one files with name starting with "vserv". So you have to do the following for each file.
Additional tool: MT File Manager 2.4.1
20. Open the .class file in MT file manager.
21. Go to search.
22. Type "http://" in the textbox without quote marks and search.
23. You will get a list of methods containing the searched text.
24. Open the first option.
25. Go to options->editor->search.
26. Type "http://" without quote marks and search it.
27. Press 5 and then delete whatever is between the quote marks and press OK.
28. Save the file from options. Repeat steps 25-27 until you don't find it again. Then press back. Then repeat the same steps for other methods in the list. Then press back and save the file and return to file manager list.
29. Highlight the file and press 3. Then press the right soft key and browse to the same path as in the left window. Then open the folder named "prev". Highlight the file then press 6, it will ask for overwrite so press 1.
30. Repeat everything from step 20 with any other file of name starting with "vserv".
31. Delete the "prev" folder.
32. Then close MT File Manager and open BlueFTP and follow step 30 onwards from the previous method.
Note:Before you open the cracked app don't forget to go to options->application access->positioning->get location->Not Allowed otherwise it will ask for network access indefinitely. If you don't have the positioning option then don't worry just launch the app.

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