Add anti-joystick,ClearHeap,list ui...upto 10 features to any app using this app
Kava onekey app:
using this app we can add upto 10 new features to any java app and below i shared a zip file contains 10 zip files along with onekey.jar file and i am explaining which zip file is used for what and here are those 10 features ... | to make ajoystick (anti joystick)
2.DBeditor | to add feature database editor
3.Listener | to change list with color to apps whichhave not color list
4.Copaser | to add feature Copy Paste
5.SuperText7 | to add advance setting Super text by:Chen
6.TBoz 1.21 | one of kind text box modification with have segmentation feature text editor , modby:Bin
7.Clean Up | to add feature auto Heap Cleaner (hold key *)
8.MaxSize | to auto unlock TextBox/TexField which have been lock with limited characters
9.Close Timer | to add feature set timer to close Apps
10.CanvatX | to add feature direct link to your wap , for more info. (hold num 4 for default set kKey=52)

Here how to use it...
First extract kava folder from below shared zip file to either c:/other or to e:/other
Then open kava folder and rename onekey_jar to onejey.jar and prepare a
Opera4.2.jar to
1.Open OneKey.jar ,
after installed, this
tool will Export
and auto Import
again, with Set
path to put it,
up to you or default
to set it.
2."Browse" Search
and select file
3.Set output for
result path and
name , up to you .
4.Move cursor
down at "Program"
to choice you
action. for
example: to add
Segmentation text
editor for your opera ,
you can choose
"TBoz 1.2.1" .
5.After you choose TBoz 1.21,
press softkey for
optional , and
select "Set
Program" and then
6.See and move
down the cursor to
text box with word
"Embed:1{this is
path file zip for
embedded, you
can select file with this
NAME, for the next
step}" , now you
can delete text to
be just "Embed:"
7.And then you can
press softkey for
optional and then
select "Browse" ,
search and select
file zip with the
name at step 6 above.(Ex:
8.If you have select
the file zip with
same name at step
6, and then will
showed "Embedded
Set menu" move
curso to the word
"Extract file in the
current directory"
and then press
9.For processing
after of all set,
press softkey
optional and select
"Deal with this" ,
wait and see the
process, it was
finish after showed
the spent time of
10. Check the
output, in path and
name, look like
at step 3 above
here I uploaded two zip files one is original one key app which works on some mobiles only, another one is modified by sdrrhmn6 bro, it works on almost all java mobiles..

File Here

Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 t