How to open Java Embedded apps using Kemulator
As you all know that Kemulator can run/open embedded apps, So With this tutorial you can now learn how easy it is to run jar embedded apps on your pc. All you require is just a few tools to make it work.

Requirement Software tools:

1. JRE 7 or above installed in your pc without this software you cant run java apps on your pc
2. Kemulator is a pc app, with this app you can run your favourite java application of your mobile on your computer.
3. Behappy is pc application used to sign your java applications
4. Finally any of your java embedded app Eg- Uc hui or any

Steps -
Just meet all the requirements mentioned above. Now open Behappy on your pc.
Select the desired handler java app You want to sign and use. A jad will created automatically.
Copy the jar file and its associated jad file on your desktop.(this is mandatory)
Last step Launch Kemulator and select the signed jar file. that's it your app will run smoothly without any exception.