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How to Fullscreen and give full permission to apps on Samsung Touch-Java
This process will be done on PC. Since the steps are almost same so I put it on together.
Note:It always been suggested that you back everything before you undergo this process.
So here we go:
First and foremost you must have these following tools for the process that we are going to take.
1. TK File Explorer
2. PC
3. Mobile Connector to PC
4. Samsung PC Studio or Kies (need for the installation of your device driver)

Now, firstly install the two software on your PC. Connect your mobile to your PC using TK file explorer. How to do it? You must first set the port on TKFE so that your device can connect.

Follow the steps below:
If you're done now we must locate where's the apps that want to edit located. Using the file explorer navigate to (Exe/Java/Games) there you can find a lot of folders of your apps and games installed on your device.

The first thing we will do is to give you 3rd party apps full permission so it can access on the system.

Works on all apps that installed on your device. Now double click on the folder of the app or games that you want to edit the permission. If done you'll see a couple of folders (appdb,filesystem) and files like jad and jar, manifest or image. The thing you need to do is just remove the "appdb" folder so that your app will have a full permission. that's it
Now for the fullscreen is very easy. Upload the jad file to your pc, just select the folder location that the jad will be uploaded.

Done uploading, open the jad on your pc using notepad or notepad++ whatever software that can edit jad and input this code "MIDlet-Touch-Support: True" I know some you familiar with this code. Input it on the bottom of the jad file the save.

After that, download the jad file to the phone folder of that app.

Then disconnect and open up you phone and start the app that you have edited wait for the initiation then "boooom" your app have both fullscreen and full permision.
Thanks and more power to all of us.