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Create 3D animation from java phone
Hi guys,
Here is the tutorial for creating 3d animation using java phone.
To create animation follow the steps.

Requred soft:
1.S3D editor(main)
2.paintcad(for packing .gif file)

Step1: At First, download the application S3D editor from the link(at the bottom)

Step2: Open this app option>file option>new.

Step3: Create your image using
'form' option.

Step4: Now give movement that you want to animate.and save every move ment step,as option>action>screenshot.
(this screenshot save as .gif file)

Step5: Close this app and rename saved-screenshot as 1.gif, 2.gif ....etc.

Step6: Oen 'paintCad' soft from pack animation/video gif option and setting time delay you can pack 1.gif, 2.gif... Etc file

Step7: So your animation is created.

S3d editor dwnld link