All In One Embedder By Bassel
Credits to:
1. Norvz For translating MZ Mod Team Embedder.
2. sdrrhmn6 for adding Super Text and Turbo 3 to MZ Embedder.
3. Chen.
4. MZ Mod Team.
Platform: Java
Screen Size: All
Translated By: Bassel (Me)
Hi everyone.
Now you can embed your favourite apps and games with all features just with one tool,less than 230 KBthat can embed:
1. Screen Shotter.
2. Password Protector.
3. Super Text.
4. Turbo 3.
5. Transparent BackGround.
6. RMS Backuper.
7. RAM Recoverer.
8. Advanced Menu.
9. Minimizing Feature.
10. Gif Animation.
11. MIDI Music.
12. Backlight Adjuster.
13. More Than Two Applications.
Always use Power Grasp to pack your apps becausesometimes, packed apps with MiniCommander or BlueFtp don't work with Symbian phones or may give you:
First pack it with MiniCommander to save time then, open PowerGrasp > Open Archive > Navigate to your app and click on it.
From context menu choose SAVE.
You will notice that it's size increased/decreased for about 2 KB.

File Here

80s toys - Atari. I still have